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Fantastic Program

It's always an honor to share our Experience, Strength, & Hope. It's a tradition that gives to the audience and to the speaker.
We are certain they will have the perfect message for you.

Program for Saturday February 25th, 2017

3:00 PM Al Anon Long-Timers Panel

Silent Auction

4:40 PM AA Old-Timers Panel

Weekend In SA 2003 was the first AA meeting I ever went to. I wasn't an alcoholic yet (in my mind) but I sure did identify with the speakers.10 years later, I was hosting that first speaker I heard. - Daniel S.

7:00 PM AA Sober Musical

8:15 PM AA Speaker - Jim W.

60 Year Celebration


9:45 PM Dance (this is NOT a 13 step dance)

Bret Mullins Live Plus The Burning Desires