• 16707 Blanco Rd, Suite 401, San Antonio, TX 78232

Conference Details

Friday & Saturday September 28th and 29th, 2018 San Antonio Shrine Auditorium


“There is a solution.”

Cost: $30 pre-registration $35 at the door.


San Antonio Shrine Auditorium 901 North Loop 1604

Between Stone Oak Parkway and Blanco Road When you come through the gate, free parking is on the left. For covered unloading go right. FREE PARKING Helping Each Other Get To Meetings Is An AA Unwritten Tradition Car Pooling

Ride the Via Bus # 2 - 1604 Will Drop You Off Right At San Antonio Shrine Auditorium Call Via F l Via For Schedules (362 2020) - There are two # 2 Via Buses so be sure it’s #2 - 1604

Volunteer Training to Take A.A. Meetings into State Prisons
Bring your Driver’s License Friday September 28, 2018 From 12 PM-4 PM Latecomers will not be admitted - come early
For information contact Ned S. 210-857-6810 nedstocker1940@gmail.com

We Are Fully Self-Supporting. This Conference is funded primarily through registration fees, plus contributions from individual members and A.A. Groups - No Baskets passed “We pay our own way.”